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Celebrate New Year’s day –“Geilivable New year Concert
Time really flies fast. To welcome the Year of Rabbit, we held a countdown event with a singing contest in our company. On December 31th, 2010, we converted our canteen at HUANUO to a KTV room decorated with balloons & stage lightings. The mood for the festival was elevated.
 The event opening was kicked off by a popular song that received with tremendous applause from the audience. All participants had immersed themselves with umpteen fun & happiness thorough the night. The highlight surprisingly was an impromptu song performance by one of our colleague’s 4 year old daughter.
 Our judging panel included Jenny, Zhang Jian, Ai Xuelin, Zhang Bangqing and Liu Xun. Gathering judges’ appraisals and polling results from audiences, competition results as follows:
First prize
Wang Jian
Second prize
Liao Yonghui、Ma Jun
Third prize
Chen Guyu、Zhou Shunshi、ZhangYi、Gao Yu
Popular award
Zhang Fangting、Wang Tingting、Tian Jiaojiao
Lucky prize
Liao Yunyun、Chen Lihong、Luo Lijuan
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