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Congratulation: Patent applications accepted
It was great pleasures for Chinasol Technology succeed to apply for Coincide System and Automatic Screw Machine, two patents in year 2010. This is the first time in Chinasol Technology’s history. The award will improve staff awareness of our own intellectual property rights and spread Chinasol Technology’s reputation and influences.
Coincide System (Patent NO: 200920061569.3)
Date: 26-May-2010
The application of Coincide System is a new technique to leverage the imbalance between two mount fixtures, its characters include: one Base with middle cavity, an orientedSlider which can slip along inner wall in the cavity of the Base, outer wall equipped with a cylinder to clamp the oriented Slider; the springs are distributed uniform around the Base. Upper edge of oriented Slider contacts with the spring; it sets up a universal head base and universal head on the top of the oriented Slider. It uses the power of the outside interface, through the Coincide System to contact the objects and set the datum with each other. This will minimize the stack up tolerance of the devices, and enable to achieve high precision on two contact surface.
Automatic Screw Machine (Patent NO: 200920237909.3)
Date: 11-Aug-2010
The application of Automatic Screw Machine is to tide the screw, which come with automatic screw loaded system. It characters include:
One PLC control module, one Vacuum control module, one Screw detected module, one Transportation module, one Implementation module; The PLC control module will control the Vacuum control module, one Screw Detected module and Implementation module; The automatic screw machine able to deliver “continuous” production, thus improving the efficiency of the screw install, accuracy and reliability. The whole new idea is able to reduce the head count of the production’s operators, increase efficiency and reduce labor cost of the production.
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