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Company awarded the national High-tech Enterprise Certificate

  It was an honor that Chinasol Technology Co., Ltd was awarded the national High-Tech Enterprise Certificate on December 31, 2009. The National High-Tech Enterprise Certification was issued by Shenzhen Science Technology Industry Trade and Information Committee, Shenzhen Finance Committee,
Shenzhen State Taxation Bureau andShenzhen Local Taxation Bureau. (The certificate number is GR200944200482).
The recognition by different departments in Shenzhen, China is giving Chinasol Technology Co., Ltd an accreditation on the technology achievement in the equipment manufacturing sector. Besides, it also indicates that Chinasol Technology Co., Ltd is upgrade to the new level in technical innovation and practical experience.
In order to enhance core competitiveness, Chinasol Technology Co., Ltd will continue to pursue for excellence, technology innovation and to ensure sustainable development in business and technology service. 

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